RKI Underbody Toolbox H-Series 60"Lx18"Wx18"H (H601818-2)

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Discover the RKI Underbody Toolbox H-Series 60"Lx18"Wx18"H (H601818-2)

Equip your vehicle with the versatile and durable RKI Underbody Toolbox H-Series (H601818-2). Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this toolbox offers substantial storage space and is designed to withstand rigorous usage while maintaining its form and functionality.

Outstanding Product Specifications

The H601818-2 model is generously proportioned to accommodate all your storage needs. The product's key specifications include:

  • Length: Spanning a length of 60 inches, this toolbox offers extensive room for various tools and equipment.
  • Height and Depth: At 18 inches in both height and depth, it efficiently maximizes your storage space without compromising accessibility.
  • Number of Doors: With two separate doors, you have easy access to your stored items.
  • Material: Manufactured using high-grade steel, it promises impressive durability and resilience.
  • Approximate Weight: Despite its sturdy construction, the toolbox weighs approximately 137 lbs., offering a balanced blend of robustness and manageability.

Distinct Product Features

More than just a storage space, the H601818-2 toolbox comes with a range of features that enhance its usability and security:

  • Double Door Access: The toolbox comes with two horizontally hinged doors that allow you to see the box’s full contents when opened, enhancing its convenience and accessibility.
  • Secure Latches: The stainless steel full-size paddle handle rotary latches ensure that your tools and equipment are secured properly.
  • Heavy-Duty Support: Equipped with heavy-duty chain supports, this toolbox is built to hold significant weight without strain.
  • Finish Options: The toolbox comes with a black powder coat finish as standard, providing a sleek appearance and added protection against the elements. A white powder coat finish is also available upon consultation.
  • Additional Options: While mounting brackets are not included, consult the factory for available shelf options to further customize your toolbox according to your needs.

Choose RKI Underbody Toolbox for Unparalleled Durability and Functionality

Trust in the RKI Underbody Toolbox H-Series to deliver exceptional durability, space-efficiency, and functionality. Whether for personal or professional use, this toolbox will serve as a reliable and robust storage solution for your vehicle.

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