RKI Side Mount Toolbox Low Profile S-Series Aluminum (48SLPA)

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RKI S-Series Low Profile Side Mount Toolbox (48SLPA)

Product Overview

RKI S-Series Low Profile Side Mount Toolbox Dimensions: 49"L x 13.6875"W x 13.1875"H

Unlock a new dimension of utility and convenience for your truck with the RKI S-Series Low Profile Side Mount Toolbox. With its sleek design, this toolbox offers a blend of style and functionality tailored to professionals who demand the best from their equipment.

Key Specifications:

  • Color: Silver
  • Length: 41-50 Inches (49" overall length)
  • Material: Durable Aluminum
  • Profile: Low Profile
  • Width: Standard (13.6875" overall width)

Dimensions Breakdown:

  • Overall Height: 13.1875"
  • Bottom Length: 48"
  • Bottom Width: 8"
  • Bottom Height: 8.75"

Additional Information:

Renowned for their robust construction and precision engineering, RKI truck boxes are trusted companions in diverse work scenarios. This particular toolbox stands out with its side-opening feature, allowing easier access to tools and equipment. If you're looking to further organize your gear, you can opt for additional trays designed to enhance your storage efficiency.

Why the RKI S-Series Side Mount Toolbox?

RKI's legacy in crafting reliable and sturdy truck equipment shines through in the S-Series Side Mount Toolbox. Its low-profile design ensures a subtle integration onto your truck, while its durable aluminum build promises longevity. The toolbox is not just about housing your tools; it's about elevating your work efficiency. With its organized storage capabilities and easy-to-access design, your tools are always within an arm's reach.

Designed with the professional in mind, the RKI S-Series Low Profile Side Mount Toolbox is a testament to RKI's commitment to quality, function, and style. Whether you're on the job site or heading for an adventure, this toolbox ensures your equipment remains secure and organized.

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