RDS 150 Gallon Rectangular Transfer Tank Bright Aluminum (Diesel Only) 48X28X28 (73216)

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RDS 150 Gallon Rectangular Transfer Tank: A Premier Fuel Transfer Solution

High-Capacity Mobile Fueling

Unlock the future of fuel transportation with the RDS 150 Gallon Rectangular Transfer Tank in Bright Aluminum. Specifically designed for diesel fuel transfer, this DOT-approved marvel bridges the gap between convenience and efficiency.

Unmatched Build Quality

Meticulously crafted from 1/8 inch robust aluminum, the tank promises longevity. Its rust-resistant nature guarantees uncontaminated fuel, while the fully welded seams stand testimony to a leak-proof experience.

Design Excellence

Its rectangular design not only facilitates easy installation but also ensures space optimization. Boasting a capacity of 150 gallons, and dimensions of 48x28x28 inches, it's versatile enough for a variety of vehicles.

Safety Redefined

Equipped with a secure locking gas cap and a rollover valve for enhanced safety, it's built for the roads. In-transit fuel sloshing is minimized courtesy of the built-in baffles, assuring a steady fuel supply.

User-Friendly Installation

Get your transfer tank operational swiftly with an approximate install time of just an hour. Kindly note, mounting hardware is excluded.

Elegant Aesthetics

Flaunt your vehicle with the tank's silver smooth milled finish, marrying functionality with style.

Key Attributes

  • Type: Liquid Transfer Tank Only
  • Liquid Compatibility: Diesel
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Volume: 150 Gallon

Features & Benefits

  • DOT Approved, made from 1/8 Inch Heavy-Duty Aluminum
  • 100% Pressure Tested with Fully Welded Seams

Additional Information

The RDS Transfer Fuel Tank stands as a beacon of innovation, extending its utility from pickups to automobiles, heavy machinery, and more. Its American craftsmanship ensures quality and reliability. While the tank can transport and gravity-feed diesel fuel efficiently, accessories like the Diesel Install Kit, pumps, etc., are sold separately. Users are encouraged to adhere to regional and national guidelines during the tank's operation.

150 Gal
48 in
28 in
28 in
ltl shipping
158 lb
Liquid Type
Diesel Only