Weather Guard Electrical Contractor Van Package High-Roof Ford Transit 170" WB (600-8414X)

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Weather Guard Electrical Contractor Van Package High-Roof Ford Transit 170" WB (600-8414X)

The Weather Guard Electrical Contractor Van Package (Part Number 600-8414X) is specifically designed for the Ford Transit with a high-roof configuration and a 170" wheelbase. This package offers a comprehensive solution for electrical contractors, providing secure storage and organization for tools, equipment, and supplies.

Key Features of the Weather Guard Electrical Contractor Van Package (600-8414X):

  • Custom Fit: The package is designed to perfectly fit the high-roof Ford Transit with a 170" wheelbase, ensuring a precise and seamless installation.
  • Durable Construction: All components are constructed with high-quality materials to withstand the demands of the electrical industry.
  • Secure Storage: The package includes locking cabinets, drawers, and bins to keep your tools and equipment secure during transit.
  • Efficient Organization: The package features adjustable shelves, dividers, and accessory holders, allowing you to customize the storage space to fit your specific needs.
  • Electrical-Specific Features: The package includes features such as wire spool holders, conduit carriers, and power tool organizers to accommodate the unique requirements of electrical contractors.
  • Improved Productivity: With everything properly organized and easily accessible, you can work more efficiently and save time on finding and retrieving tools.
  • Professional Appearance: The Electrical Contractor Van Package not only enhances functionality but also presents a clean and organized image to your clients.

Whether you are a professional electrician or an electrical contractor, the Weather Guard Electrical Contractor Van Package (600-8414X) provides a reliable and efficient storage solution for your Ford Transit high-roof van. With its custom fit, durable construction, secure storage features, and electrical-specific components, this package helps you stay organized and work more effectively on the job site.


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9375-3-03 1 Model 9375-3-03 Adjustable 4 Shelf Unit, 60in x 52in x 13.5in
9376-3-03 1 Model 9376-3-03 Adjustable 4 Shelf Unit, 60in x 60in x 13.5in
9503-3-01 2 Model 9503-3-01 Shelf Door for 36in Shelf Unit
9603-3-01 4 Model 9603-3-01 Accessory Back Panel, 14.5in tall for 36in Shelf Unit
9605-3-01 2 Model 9605-3-01 Accessory Back Panel, 14.5in tall for 52in Shelf Unit
9606-3-01 2 Model 9606-3-01 Accessory Back Panel, 14.5in tall for 60in Shelf Unit
96322-3-01 1 Model 96322-3-01 Screen Bulkhead, High-Roof, Ford Transit
96901-3-01 1 Model 96901-3-01 Swing Door Conversion Kit
975105-3-01 1 Model 975105-3-01 Van Shelf Mounting Kit, Ford Transit, 148 Extended Wheelbase
9858-7-01 1 Model 9858-7-01 Small 6 Bin Set, 5in x 5.5in x 10.88
9859-7-01 1 Model 9859-7-01 Medium 6 Bin Set, 7in x 8.25in x 10.88in
9880-3-01 1 Model 9880-3-01 Literature Holder, 6 compartment
9882-7-01 1 Model 9882-7-01 Wire Spool Holder End Mount
9893-7-01 1 Model 9893-7-01 Three Hook Cord Tool Holder
9909-3-02 1 Model 9909-3-02 Parts Cabinet, 9 Bin, 12in x 17in x 12in
9912-3-02 1 Model 9912-3-02 Cabinet, 2 Drawer, 12in x 16in x 14in
9914-3-02 1 Model 9914-3-02 Cabinet, 4 Drawer, 12in x 16in x 14in
9505-3-01 1 Model 9505-3-01 Shelf Door for 52in Shelf Unit



Year Make Model
2015-2023 Ford Transit-150
2015-2023 Ford Transit-250
2015-2023 Ford Transit-350
2015-2023 Ford Transit-350 HD

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    Enhance the security and theft protection of your valuable tools and equipment with Weather Guard Van Packages. These packages provide an added layer of safety, ensuring that your belongings remain secure. Each drawer is equipped with a reliable latching mechanism that keeps it tightly closed, even when the van storage cabinet is unlocked. The van packages feature a robust construction made of welded steel, offering high-security measures for both the box and the drawer.

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