RKI Chest Toolbox Single Lid M-Series Black Steel(M58U-1NMB)

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Introducing the RKI Chest Toolbox Single Lid M-Series in Black Steel (M58U-1NMB)

Transform your truck storage with the sleek and functional RKI M-Series Single Lid Chest (M58U-1NMB). Designed with top-notch materials and crafted for utmost durability, this toolbox is a remarkable addition to any truck, ensuring organized storage with style.

Product Specifications:

  • Name: RKI M-Series Single Lid Chest - 58.75"L x 20"W x 19.0625"H
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 58.75 inches (Overall length: 60 inches)
    • Width: 20 inches (Overall width: 22.50 inches)
    • Height: 19.0625 inches (Overall height: 19.50 inches)
    • Bottom Length: 58 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Storage Capacity: 12.25 Cubic Feet
  • UPC: 848403002456
  • Universal: Yes
  • LTL Only: Yes

Distinguished Features:

At a glance, the M58U-1NMB stands out with its singular lid design, ensuring convenient access to your tools and items. Its front angled bottom shape is specifically crafted to suit trucks with wheel arches, allowing for a snug fit without wasting any space.

Modern Aesthetic with Durability

Finished in a contemporary black hue, this M-Series toolbox is not only visually appealing but also made to last. The robust steel construction promises longevity, ensuring your tools are safeguarded against the elements and any unforeseen impacts.

Universal Compatibility

Whether you own a full-sized truck or a compact one, the universal design of the M58U-1NMB ensures it fits seamlessly. It's an optimal storage solution regardless of your truck model, enhancing functionality without compromising on style.

Why Choose RKI Chest Toolbox M-Series?

Investing in a toolbox means prioritizing organized and secure storage. With the RKI M-Series, you get more than just storage; you get the assurance of quality, durability, and a brand reputation that speaks for itself. Enhance your storage capabilities and truck's aesthetics with the M58U-1NMB.

Order Yours Today

Experience enhanced storage flexibility with the RKI M-Series Single Lid Chest. Every detail, from design to finish, reflects RKI's commitment to quality. Secure your tools and belongings with the best — opt for RKI.

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