RDS 90 Gallon Auxiliary Tank & Toolbox Combo Bright Aluminum 55X24X22.25 (72772)

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Enhanced Fuel Capacity and Secure Storage for Your Vehicle

Upgrade your vehicle with the RDS Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank & Toolbox Combo, a multifunctional solution for those who need extra fuel capacity and secure storage on the go. Designed for diesel vehicles, this combo is ideal for long trips and heavy-duty work situations.

Essential Specifications

  • Tank Capacity: 90 Gallons
  • Material: Diamond Plate Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 55"L x 24"W x 22.25"H (Tank), 48"L x 20"W x 6.25"H (Toolbox)

Design and Functionality

  • Tank Shape: Rectangular, designed for efficient space utilization.
  • Tool Box Type: Chest style, offering organized and secure storage for tools and equipment.
  • Finish: Features a diamond plate finish for durability and professional appearance.

Advanced Features

  • Gravity Feed System: Allows diesel fuel to transfer from the auxiliary tank to your vehicle’s main tank.
  • Built-In Baffles: Help reduce fuel sloshing, ensuring stability and safety during transport.
  • Pressure Testing: Ensures tank integrity and safety with 100% pressure testing.

Compliance and Installation

Adhering to the highest standards, this auxiliary tank and toolbox combo meets all necessary requirements for safe and efficient operation:

DOT Approval and Installation

  • DOT Approved: Meets DOT standards for safe transport of diesel fuel.
  • Installation: Compatible with the RDS Diesel Install Kit (sold separately) for seamless integration into your vehicle's fuel system.

Practicality and Warranty

  • Intended Use: Specifically designed for diesel fuel; not intended for gasoline use.
  • Warranty: Comes with a limited 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind and reliability.

Additional Considerations

  • Vehicle Fitment: Always measure your truck’s bed for clearance at corners, wheel wells, etc., to ensure a proper fit.
  • Locking Cap: Note that this model does not include a locking cap for the tank.
The RDS 90 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank & Toolbox Combo is the perfect upgrade for those who need additional fuel and storage without sacrificing space or safety. A reliable, durable solution for your extended journeys and work-related needs.
90 Gallons
55 in
24 in
22.25 in
Diamond Plate Aluminum

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