Highway Products 70 X 16 X 20 Crossover Tool Box With Gladiator Base Gladiator Lid (3213-005-BK62)

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Highway Products 70 X 16 X 20 Crossover Tool Box With Leopard Base Leopard Lid (3222-001-BK62S)

Maximize Storage and Durability

Elevate your truck's storage capacity with the Highway Products 70 X 16 X 20 Crossover Tool Box. Designed with a leopard base and leopard print lid, this single lid toolbox offers ample space for your tools and equipment while ensuring durability and strength.

Secure and Convenient Design

The standard bottom shape and depth of the toolbox provide sufficient storage space for your tools. Equipped with T-Handle locks and gas-assisted shocks, the toolbox offers easy and secure access to your tools. It also features tie downs and a removable tray for added convenience and organization.

Watertight Seal for Protection

This toolbox is built with a watertight seal to protect your tools and equipment from water damage. It ensures that your valuable items remain dry and safe, even in harsh weather conditions.

Product Details:

  • Crossover Toolbox # of Lids: Single Lid
  • Crossover Toolbox Bottom Shape: Standard
  • Crossover Toolbox Color: Black
  • Crossover Toolbox Depth: Standard
  • Crossover Toolbox Handle Type: T-Handle
  • Crossover Toolbox Length: 69-70 inches
  • Crossover Toolbox Material: Aluminum
  • Crossover Toolbox Profile: Standard Profile
  • Crossover Toolbox Width: Standard
  • Features: 1/10" Aluminum, T-Handle Locks, Gas Assisted Shocks, Tie Downs and Removable Tray, Watertight Seal
  • UPC: 702253001987

Upgrade your truck with the Highway Products 70 X 16 X 20 Crossover Tool Box. With its durable construction, secure locking mechanism, and leopard print lid, it provides the perfect storage solution for your tools and equipment. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty and keep your items organized and protected while on the go.


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