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How To Measure Your Truck For A UWS Toolbox

How To Measure Your Truck For A UWS Toolbox

Truck Bed Measurement Guide for Tool Box Installation

Step 1: Measure Exterior Bed Rail Width (A to B)

Measure the width of the truck bed from the outside edges of the bed rails, near the truck cab. Record this as "exterior bed rail width." For accuracy, ensure your tape measure is taut. Example measurement: 72.75".

Step 2: Measure Interior Wheel Well Rail Width (C to D)

Measure the width inside the bed rails at their narrowest point. Note this as "interior bed rail width." Keep the tape measure straight. Example: 65".

Step 3: Measure Wheel Well Width for Transfer Tanks (E to F)

  • Measure the space between the wheel wells. Note as "wheel well width."
  • Important for transfer tank and tool box fitment. Example: 51".

Step 4: Measure Vertical Bed Depth (G to H)

Measure from the upper lip of the bed rail to the bed deck bottom. Note this as "vertical bed depth." Example: 19.25".

Step 5: Measure Distance to Wheel Wells (I to K)

  • Measure from the forward bulkhead to the start of the wheel wells. Note as "distance to wheel well."
  • Ensure tool box doesn't interfere with wheel wells. Example: 20".

Step 6: Length from Bulkhead to Tow Hitch for Towing (I to J) - Optional

If you tow, measure from the bed bulkhead to the tow hitch. Note as "length from bulkhead to hitch." Important for short-cab trucks. Example: 37.25".

Double Check Measurements for Accuracy

Re-measure to confirm accuracy. Example measurements:

  • Exterior bed rail width: 72.75"
  • Interior bed rail width: 65"
  • Wheel well width (transfer tanks): 51"
  • Vertical bed depth: 19.25"
  • Distance to wheel well: 20"
  • Wheel well depth: 14"
  • Length from bulkhead to hitch (towing): 37.25"

Choosing the Right UWS Truck Tool Box

Comparing Measurements with Tool Box Dimensions

Match your truck bed measurements with the dimensions of UWS tool boxes. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Tool Box Lid Fit

Ensure the tool box lid is not too small. Subtract tool box lid length from interior bed rail width. Example: 72.875" - 65" = 7.875". Minimum: 3".

Step 2: Interior Bed Rail Width vs. Tool Box Body Width

The tool box body length should be at least 2" smaller than the interior bed rail width. Example: 65" - 62" = 3".

Step 3: Vertical Bed Depth vs. Tool Box Body Depth

The vertical bed depth should be 1-2" greater than the tool box bed depth. Example: 19.25" - 11.75" = 7.5".

Step 4: Wheel Well Hump Clearance

Ensure at least 1" clearance over wheel well humps. Example: 14" - 11.75" = 2.25".

Step 5: Towing Clearance (5th Wheel/Gooseneck Hitches)

For towing, ensure the tool box is at least 6" from the 5th wheel frame rail or gooseneck ball hole. Example: 36" - 20" = 16".