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Discovering the Versatility of Truck Toolboxes: Do They Fit All Trucks?

Discovering the Versatility of Truck Toolboxes: Do They Fit All Trucks?

The Types of Truck Toolboxes and How to Choose

When it comes to finding the perfect toolbox for your truck, understanding the types of toolboxes available can simplify your decision. Let's take a detailed look at the primary kinds of truck toolboxes.

Crossover Toolboxes

As one of the most popular types, crossover toolboxes extend across the width of your truck bed and rest on the bed rails. This design allows for easy access from either side of the vehicle. These toolboxes offer a great balance of storage and accessibility without sacrificing too much bed space. Brands like UWS and Highway Products have fantastic crossover toolbox options for your consideration.

Side Mount Toolboxes

Side mount toolboxes are affixed along the length of the truck bed's side rails. They provide easy access and preserve more of the bed's floor space. Weather Guard and CamLocker both offer well-crafted side mount toolboxes.

Chest Toolboxes

These toolboxes sit directly on the floor of your truck bed, usually towards the cab. They provide maximum storage space but require you to reach over the side of the truck bed for access. Brands such as UWS and Highway Products have a range of chest toolboxes to cater to different needs.

Underbody Toolboxes

As their name suggests, these toolboxes are installed underneath the truck. They provide excellent storage without sacrificing bed space, but can be harder to access and may expose your tools to more road debris. Look to brands like Weather Guard for sturdy underbody options.

What to Consider When Buying a Toolbox

Now that you understand the different types of toolboxes, it's time to consider what you should look for when buying a toolbox. Here are a few key aspects to consider:


As we've discussed, not all toolboxes fit all trucks. Make sure to measure your truck's bed and compare it with the toolbox dimensions before purchasing.UWS Crossover ToolBox Fitment


The toolbox's material and build quality will dictate its durability and lifespan. Steel and aluminum are common choices, with aluminum being more resistant to rust but steel often providing more strength.


Your toolbox will be housing valuable tools. Make sure the toolbox you select has a reliable locking mechanism to protect your belongings.

Weather Resistance

Since your toolbox will be exposed to the elements, opt for a model that's weatherproof. Look for toolboxes with weather seals and a design that prevents water penetration.

At Truck Master Parts, we're here to help you choose the toolbox that best suits your truck and needs. With our variety of brands and models, we guarantee you'll find a toolbox that's a perfect fit for your truck and meets all your storage needs. Visit us today!